Approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month, meaning entrepreneurs and company leaders are competing against half a million other talented, creative, hard-working individuals. With so many new brands coming to market so often, how can you stick out in the crowd? How can you reach a bigger audience? How can you be sure that the world realizes what you can offer? You can start with...


When it comes to getting your name out there, you need to get creative. Even if your brand offers something that (seemingly) no one else does, you’re competing against numerous other entrepreneurs and ideas. Therefore, we urge you to think outside the box: Get personable by going door to door and passing out business cards or by hosting a launch party. Make sure your digital presence is taking advantage of the connectivity offered through social media platforms. And experiment with advertisements that utilize hashtags, charity work, giveaways and data like these creative marketing campaigns.


Each of the inventive marketing stunts listed above have two things in common - They spread the news of you/your brand, and they involve networking with others. While running a business, you will be in numerous networking situations, whether you’re speaking with other entrepreneurs at a conference, connecting with like-minded professionals on LinkedIn, interacting with potential clients, customers, business partners and investors at industry events or just explaining your brand to friends and family members. While it’s important to take breaks from your work life, you must remember that any moment could be THE moment; you never know when a stranger sitting next to you may be looking for just the thing you are selling/creating.


Taco Bell is known for its talking chihuahua and bell sound. Dove targets real women. Nike has its Swoosh mark. Behind every company is personality, individuality and iconic elements. What is yours? Does your product do something nothing else can do? Does your agency operate in a new and exciting way? Do you offer technology that revolutionizes a process? Or maybe your logo, website and billboards are super unique and memorable? Find out what sets you apart, and play that up. Be you, and make others realize why they need you!


Once you have found and started utilizing those unique elements within your business, make sure you’re being consistent in how you’re using them. If your big, shiny billboard is blue but your website is red and yellow, visitors are going to be confused and wonder if they are on the right site. Your website, signage, business cards and social platforms should all use the same logo and wording. Create a company motto/description and stick with that. Have go-to images and phrases that can easily be passed on to reporters who are interested in writing about you or customers who are interested in learning more.


Over time, you will grow and evolve into a company that knows what works and what doesn’t. You will set up successful advertising campaigns in places where you know your target client will be looking. You will regularly be around people who are great for bouncing ideas off of, and the public will know who you are and what your brand is all about...IF you start promoting now! IF you come up with inventive ways to spread your story now! IF you realize that it will take courage and dedication to keep going, despite rejection, and to keep putting yourself out there, striving to make others see how amazing your product/service really is.

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