Batch Creative turns dreams into realities, as seen through Geek Tank Games’ recent Kickstarter success

On February 7, Geek Tank Games, a company that makes games and products for the tabletop enthusiast, launched a Kickstarter for its premium plastic tokens for tabletop role-playing games, and five days later, the goal of $20,000 was reached.

When Michael (Owner of Geek Tank Games / Tabletop Gamer) came to us, he had some sketches, artwork for the tokens and an idea of what he was envisioning. He was a gamer who was tired of wasting playing time with drawing up rooms and settings for RPG campaigns - and he wanted our help.

Since we are a full-service advertising firm, we were able to work with him on every aspect of this project. Michael has a full-time job, plus Geek Tank Games, so he didn’t need/want the headache of dealing with numerous points of contact. We were able to strategize with him and update him regularly, every step of the way.

We consulted with Michael on packaging, how to present his brand, what the tokens would be sent out in and how to go about rewarding backers (such as stickers and t-shirts we designed).

While those were being created, the next step was to set up the Kickstarter and a Facebook page. We wrote copy and crafted posts that we ran as Facebook ads to help promote his work. We also produced and shot the video that was featured on the Kickstarter, created motion graphics, animated the product and took photos of the tokens.

Michael came to us with an idea, wanting to turn his dream into a reality. We collaborated with him and strategized on how to turn sketches into motion graphics, into an informative video, into a Facebook page, into a Kickstarter campaign and into a successful business. Fans were immediately pumped about the tokens, and we were thrilled to be able to get the product in front of gamers.

By the end of the Kickstarter campaign, the project was over 300% funded, raising just over $65,000. Michael’s success should serve as an inspiration for all. You may have an idea, a drawing, a plan or a dream that you would like to turn into a full-functioning brand. But where do you start?

At Batch Creative, we work with people every step of the way, helping to launch businesses through advertising and marketing efforts that include PR, social media, business consulting and more. We function as a partner, going over and beyond to make every dream a real, functioning business.

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