Brands and businesses of all types need to advertise, to spread the news of who they are and what they do. At Batch Creative, one area we specialize in, when it comes to advertising, is the health arena. Whether you are a fitness startup, a physician, a medical device company or a health expert, these are the tips we suggest following when it comes to standing out in your space.

Tip #1 - Know Your Audience

The health sector is vast, and, as mentioned, we have helped brands that focus on fitness, medical devices, healthcare and beyond. And even though all of these brands fall into the same category, their audiences vary greatly.

  • - If you want to create a website that targets people searching for medical specialists in certain areas, your audience is also going to be specialized, based on patients’ needs and locations.
  • - If you are looking to start your own personal training brand, then you will need to target people who are looking for a fitness professional.
  • - If you are a doctor looking to get more clients, you will need to think about who your ideal patients are, where they live, what they do and so on.
  • - If you have a product that you are bringing into the medical space, you need to get it in front of reporters, investors and distributors.
  • Tip #2 - Be Cohesive

    Once you understand your target audience a bit more, you can move forward with your actual business plan. In today’s digital age, everyone needs an online presence, but traditional advertising is still alive and well, too. And when it comes to the aspects that help make your brand visible - everything from your website and social media platforms to your business cards and press releases - everything needs to be cohesive.

  • - Same logo used throughout
  • - Same color scheme
  • - Same stylization (For instance, don’t be “BC Ads” on Facebook and then use “B&C Advertising” on your business cards.)
  • - Same fonts used on all materials
  • - Same theme/voice (No matter what medium people are using to learn about you, they should have a clear idea of you are/what you do.)
  • Tip #3 - Become A Thought Leader

    Whether you are focusing on exercise, endocrinology or emergency care, you need to be positioned as a leader within your space, proving to one and all that you are skilled at what you do and that others should come to you for your product/services.

  • - Write articles/blogs for industry publications
  • - Speak at medical conferences, health fairs and/or fitness meetups
  • - Post news and tips on social media
  • - Engage with other leaders in the space (in person and digitally!)
  • Tip #4 - Know When To Ask For Help

    While these are just basic tips on what to keep in mind when advertising within the health arena, we hope you have a better idea of how to get started and how to stand out from everyone else. However, if you are still unsure of where to start, if you are looking to revamp your brand or if you are needing help marketing you and what you do, contact Batch Creative today!

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